Online Billing (ONLINE )

  • Monthly / Quarterly Members Contribution Bills.
  • Monthly Members Receipt List
  • Monthly Members Outstanding List .
  • Bills & Receipts : Maintenance Invoice  And Receipt  has been Publish To Members Before Date 10th of Every Month.(via Email, Society app & Sms )

Yearly Accounting

  • Generate of Cash Book & Bank Book.
  • Generate of Members Ledger. & General Ledger.
  • Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure,& Balance Sheet.
  • Finalization of Account at the End of Year.
  • Yearly Budgeting
  • Maintaining of the different bank account.
    i. Repairs Fund & Sinking Fund.
    ii. General Reserve Fund. & Common Amenities Fund.

Income Tax Return (Societies)

  • Income Tax
    As per Sec.139 of the Income tax act’1961 – CHSLs are also required to file Income Tax Return for income received by societies such as bank interest, Fixed Deposit interest, Rental Income, hoarding Charges Received, Mobile Tower Rental Income, Non- Occupancy charges Revised, Parking Charges, Any other Income. (Income Tax Return Charges separately)
  • Tax Deduction A/C & TDS Return
    If any payments are made to contractors / professionals and Service charges paid for security etc. attract Tax Deducted at source as per Income tax act’1961. (TDS Return Charges separately
  • GST Registration, GST Return Filling,& Application of PAN & TAN No.

Statutory Record Keeping

Society Records / Registers are prepared after registration of the society. Under this program following work has been done. Verification and checking each and every Flat Owner File/title for issue of Share Certificate. For this the society has to maintain Each Flat Owner File with Copy of full Agreement, Possession Letter and Application for Membership. Following Records are prepared for issue of Share Certificates.
Share Register.
• J-Form Register.
• I-Form Register
• Nominee Register.
• Investment Register.
• Writing Names of member on Share Certificates.
• “O” From Register.
• Submission Charge
• Mortgage Register of Flats/ Shops.

Recovery U/S 101 of Mcs Act 1960

Recovery u/s.101 is a special provision of fast recovery of Dues from the Co-operative Housing Society Members.

On proper submission of Application for Recovery the DRCS is issuing Recovery Certificate U/s. 101 and said Certificate is given to Recovery Officer. The said Recovery Officer is recovering the dues of the Society by applying procedure of recovery i.e., arrears of land revenue as per provision of revenue act of the state

Following documents are required to file Recovery Application to DRCS.

  • Defaulter Members Accounts Statement month wise, head wise, year wise with principal amount, interest, total.
  • Three Reminders sent to the Members.
  • Legal Notice to the Member. (It is better to issue Legal Notice before filing. Recovery Application / case before DRCS. (Dy. Registrar of Co-op. Societies.)
  • General Body Resolutions for imposing monthly contribution and charges.
  • Managing Committee Resolutions for recovery action, for appointment of advocate and for filing recovery application before DRCS and signing authority.
  • Stamp Duty Payment for Recovery & Payment of inquiry Fee to Govt After submission of relevant Application, hearing notices are been issued to both parties and after submission of Say, Re-Joinder and Written Submission, the file is closed for Order. Then Recovery Certificate is issued on the basis of merits of the Case.
  • After obtaining Recovery Certificate, the Recovery Officer is taking action of recovery after obtaining Recovery Fee.

Election Procedure

We follows the complete procedure of co-op Housing society Election as per Maharashtra state government housing society Election Rules &Guidelines


We are also managing a panel of auditors who are registered with the Register of Co-op. Societies and who can Audit your Society’ s Accounts as per the rules of Co-op Societies MCS Act 1960

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